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Safety Tips for Travelers in 2021

The world of travel has changed so much in the last year. Every company has implemented a wide range of health and safety protocols. As a Traveler, it’s also important to take these precautions to ensure you return home from your vacation safe and sound.


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  • Get tested for COVID-19. Not all destinations have this requirement but more and more travelers prefer to know their status before traveling so they do not unintentionally transmit the virus.

  • Pack extra safety measures, such as additional masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Bring any medicines you may need on your vacation and pack at least 15 to 30 days’ worth of extra medicine, just in case.


  • Pack your carry-on with food, a reusable water bottle, hand sanitizer and wipes.

  • At the airport, use touchless check-in options, ditch the bins at TSA checkpoints and maintain social distance while boarding. If you arrive at the airport early, wait at an empty gate until boarding is called.

  • On your flight, wear your face mask, wipe down the surfaces you will be touching, sit next to the window to decrease people walking near you and open the air vent to increase circulation.

  • If you check bags, stand back at baggage claim until most other passengers have left.

  • When renting a car, use advance check-in online or via the rental company’s smartphone app to speed the process and reduce, or eliminate, the need for person-to-person touchpoints.

  • At the hotel, use options for online check-in, mobile room key and contactless payment, and ask for less frequent room cleanings to decrease other people in your room.

  • Wash your hands frequently, especially when arriving at new locations.

  • During any activities — such as eating at restaurants or visiting attractions, wear your mask as much as possible and keep a distance from others not in your party.

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