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Essential Travel Checklists post Covid-19

The key to a stress-free trip is preparation, from making sure your passport is valid and confirming your itinerary to bringing necessities like a phone charger. The Mahana Travel team created a travel checklists for planning and packing based on all of our many trips. Now, all travelers have to remember the COVID-19 testing, health screenings, and/or temperature checks prior to your departure flight, upon arrival, and/or throughout your stay required by many destinations. We strongly encourage you to review these requirements so that you know what to expect.

  • Complete all entry screening requirements (if required)

  • Complete travel authorizations required prior to travel (if required)

  • Complete a COVID-19 test prior to travel (if required)

  • Give loved ones all of your contact details

  • Make copies of all travel documents

  • Confirm your flight schedule with the airline

  • Confirm your baggage allowance meets regulations

  • Make sure your mail will be held or collected

  • Plan for pet care

  • Plan your transportation to and from airport

  • Contact your bank, credit card company, and phone provider about travel plans

  • Check to ensure your passport is valid

  • Sign up for an international cell phone plan

  • Add a translation app to your phone if necessary

  • Pack ID, travel documents, and vouchers

  • Make copies of your entry screening, travel authorization forms, and negative COVID-19 test (as required)

  • Pack Face masks, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes and toiletries in your carry-on

  • Take Cash, credit card, and/or debit card

  • Pack Electronics, cell phone, and charger

  • Pack a mall first aid kit

  • Pack something to read on the plane

  • Pack Travel neck pillow and ear plugs

  • Pack plastic bags for wet clothes or other items

  • Pack Sun hat, raincoat, small umbrella, bug spray and sunscreen and medications

Most countries are calling for additional travel requirements, such as proof of negative COVID-19 tests, completing health forms, and having visitors insurance. Please note: Safety standards and travel requirements are continually changing.

Visit https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/world.php or talk to your Mahana travel advisor to learn more about the entry rules of your specific destination and to plan your next vacation.

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