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Kids remember more of their travels than we give them credit for. They may not recall the exact date the Eiffel tower was constructed or fully grasp why Uluru is so important to Aboriginal Australians, but they will remember, quite fondly, the epic size of the world, the mesmerizing sights, tastes and sounds they encounter, the buzz of different cultures and the faces of different people. In short, there is no better gift you can give your kids than travel. Traveling with children may not always be easy—keeping them entertained on a seven-hour flight is a daunting task—but the experience is overwhelmingly rewarding on many levels. Keep reading to discover our top five reasons why you should take your kids exploring.

1. Kindle Their Sense of Adventure

Kids live for grand adventures, and a good journey or cruise is filled with adventurous possibilities. Whether they’re climbing over Maya ruins near Cancun, surfing on the top deck of a cruise ship, snorkeling in the clear waters of the Bahamas or learning how to ski in Switzerland, exploring the world in exciting ways builds both their courage and independence.

2. Develop vital life skills

Our number one priority as parents is to teach our children the life skills they’ll need to succeed. For this, travel is an amazing educator. Trying to order pizza in Italian, finding their way back to the hotel through the labyrinthine alleyways of Istanbul or figuring out which cruise deck the all-you-can-eat sundae bar is on provides the perfect opportunity for kids to practice communication skills, critical thinking and self-control. You can also get your kids involved in the logistics of the trip we plan for you, so that they can study maps and choose nearby restaurants and museums to visit.

3. Embrace our global family

One of the central benefits of travel is learning about and celebrating the diversity of people and cultures in this world. Taking your kids on international journeys gives them a chance to forge important connections with their global brothers and sisters, thus developing empathy, tolerance and respect for others.

4. Prepare for ups and downs

Travel, like life itself, is totally unpredictable. While traveling with your children, they will have to learn how to be flexible, become more patient to handle delays, and learn that not every day at the beach will be sunny and 80 degrees. Travel has this way of instilling adaptability in us all, a lesson that everyone should learn at an early age.

5. Bond as a family

Spending quality time together just makes families stronger. Even though a well-planned vacation or cruise should include some time for different age groups to pursue different activities, you’ll spend most of your time together, sharing an adventure that you’ll never forget.

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