Things to know about Paris

The Centre Pompidou doesn’t just host some of Paris’ most cutting-edge art exhibitions. The museum is also an important architectural landmark and offers panoramic views from its upperlevels.

Much of the city shuts down for the holidays in August. Each season has its charms, but autumn is when Paris’ romantic side comes to the fore: Think golden leaves tumbling along the boulevards.

The 14 lines of the Paris Metro, plus RER trains, make navigating the City of Lights by public transportation relatively simple, while Seine cruises offer another way to explore. Of course, part of the joy of Paris is walking.

An elegant pair of shoes. Many Parisian restaurants still uphold a more formal sense of hospitality. Swap your walking shoes with something dressier before heading out for the evening.

The weather in Paris has never been described as perfect, so it’s best to bring a nice raincoat and a small umbrella with you. French food is notoriously delicious and rich. If your stomach won’t agree with the richness of the food, consider packing for digestive relief.

In Paris, politeness is a virtue. Visitors should be sure to greet the locals they meet with a hearty “bonjour,” and wish them “au revoir” when saying goodbye. Being overly loud or rambunctious may lead to icy stares. When entering and leaving a shop, it’s best to greet and say good-bye to the staff. Simple politeness goes a long way.

There are a lot of table manners to learn when visiting Paris and France in general. When offered a drink, wait until your host has toasted before taking a drink and never pour your own drinks – with water being the only exception. It’s considered polite to eat everything that’s put on your plate and remember that cheese is served before dessert.

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