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Are you looking for more travel inspiration for your next vacation?


Everyone has their own bucket list of places they have to see and things they have to experience.

No matter your travel style – from luxury, to adventure, to remote exploration or polar escape, to romantic retreat, to tropical or cool climate family vacation.

From epic classics to exciting newcomers, let Mahana Travel plan your travel bucket list experience.

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Local Living vacations are centre-based, which means you stay in one location for the majority of your trip. What sort of locations?family homes, and converted farmhouses in Europe, and jungle homestays, Masai campsites, and Mongolian gers in the outer reaches. 

We give you the setting, somewhere to stay, and all the options you want, you fill in the rest.

Dine al fresco in San Gimignano on pasta you help make or live like a nomad on the remote Mongolian steppe. Live like a local.



Wellness travel promotes your health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally, through the activities done during your trip. The aim is to, check out feeling healthier and happier than when you checked in!

​ It has traditionally been linked to luxury spa holidays and therefore can be more expensive vacations, but it does not always have to be especially if  Mahana Travel can help it.

Take a wellness vacation and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul at any wellness destination around the world. 

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Disconnect from the bustle of daily life and reconnect with each other on a vacation designed to inspire romance. Time together exploring new cultures, feasting on your favorite foods, dancing the night away or simply relaxing in the sun, helps remind us all there’s more to us than household chores.


Now it’s simply a matter of deciding what you want. Are you leaning towards a romantic escape to Paris? Would you prefer a couples-only all-inclusive resort with a reputation for global cuisine or one that sits on a gorgeous beach? Would you enjoy a relaxing cruise down a river or hopping from island to island on a yacht?



The World’s Best Journeys span the globe, from seeing the glaciers in Antarctica, to going on a safari adventure in South Africa or traveling across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The world's most iconic experiences await.



Whether it is a destination wedding, bachelor/bachelorette getaways, family reunion, or simply a vacation with friends, there is an increase in group travel.

Whatever the interests of your group, let Mahana Travel plan itineraries and organize travel arrangements for your Group.

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